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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do I need to buy a ticket?

A: Nope! Capital Pop-Up Cinema events are totally free and you don’t need a ticket to join the fun. There are no barriers to entry!

Thanks to the awesome support from local small businesses and Business Improvement Associations (BIAs), everyone can enjoy the show.

Q: Are all the films family friendly?

A: Capital Pop-Up Cinema selects films for a general audience, appealing to our broad attendance. There is something for everyone, which you’ll see here!


Most attendees are adults, teens, and older children (given that screenings begin around 8PM), majority of our films have been selected specifically with families in mind. 

Q: Are there washrooms on-site?

A: Washroom access is dependent on our location.

Beechwood Cemetery: Portable Washroom

Westboro Village: Indoor Washroom

Sparks Street: Local Businesses

Merivale Mall: Indoor Washroom

Jules Morin Park: Indoor Washroom

Zibi: Indoor Washroom

Saintlo Ottawa Jail Hostel: Indoor Washroom @ Arts Court

Q: Where exactly are the event locations?

A: Check out our Locations page

Q: What is the seating and safety info?

Q: Will it be crowded?

A: Some Capital Pop-Up Cinema events are busier than others, but no worries! You can always choose to sit on the perimeter of the seating area and define your personal space with your blanket. Our friendly staff will be on hand to guide you to less crowded spots if you prefer.

Pandemic Safety:

Our outdoor screenings are designed to be a pandemic-safe activity, offering a low-risk cultural experience for everyone. We’re committed to fostering a safe and comfortable environment for all guests and staff.

Respect and Courtesy:

We kindly ask all guests to respect each other’s personal space and comfort. While we strive to maintain a pleasant atmosphere, please understand that we cannot control audience behavior in public spaces.

Policies and Protocols:

All Capital Pop-Up Cinema policies and safety protocols are subject to change based on public health guidelines. We’ll keep you informed of any updates as they develop.

Enjoy the show and stay safe!

Q: Do I need to bring my own seat?

A:  Yep! Often, we’re set up on cement. Feel free to bring your own blankets or folding chairs to get comfy.

Don’t worry if you forget—Capital Pop-Up Cinema rents a limited number of folding chairs for just $5 at our concession tent.

Q: Will the movie still happen if it rains or if there is bad weather?

A: If the show can go on, it does! Capital Pop-Up Cinema almost never cancels events before the early evening, even on those iffy weather days.

Screenings can still happen in some rain and wind, so pack your raincoat and a cozy sweater just in case.

If we do have to cancel, we'll let you know on our social media channels.

Q: Are dogs allowed to attend?

A:  Yes! Domestic pets are welcome to join for the evening.


Please make sure they’re well behaved and you pick up after them.

Q: What time do the movies Start?

A: Movies start at sundown, which changes throughout the summer.

For approximate sunset times, check here: Sunset Times in Ottawa

Capital Pop-Up Cinema welcomes you to arrive early to set-up your blanket, enjoy a picnic or a meal from a local business, and stop by our tent for some popcorn and treats!

Q: Will there be food for sale?

A: Every event will have our yummy concessions for sale at the Capital Pop-Up Cinema tent.

Feel free to bring your own snacks and picnics too! Just a heads up, though—no alcohol is allowed at our events.

And pretty please, don’t forget to clean up after yourselves. Let's keep it tidy!

Q: Are all events accessible?

A: Capital Pop-Up Cinema events are accessible to most audiences, and all screenings feature open captioning.


Please don’t hesitate to email us at: if your particular needs are not addressed.

We will endeavour to support your needs if solutions are within our control.

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